Wantable Accessories Subscription Box- April 2015

Hello again subscription friends 😉


This week I received my first Wantable Jewelry/Accessory Box subscription! I don’t know about you but I’m a avid YouTuber. I spend hours binge watching subscription unboxing videos, and when I saw Wantable I knew I had to try it! I own some jewelry, but I don’t have much of a variety and most of my jewelry breaks after one wear. Its frustrating. So having 3 to 5 items of jewelry come to my mailbox each month is an amazing thing!

Heres some info about Wantable & how it works (then keep reading to see what items i got in my first box!):

Wantable has four types of subscription box options.

1. Makeup

2. Accessories (Also includes watches, scarves, sunglasses, etc…)

3. Intimates (sleep wear, socks, leggings, etc…)

4. Fitness

Example of my style quiz preference list.

Example of my style quiz preference list.

The first three boxes; makeup, jewelry, and intimates work the same way. You pay $40 for the first month & $36 each month after. You receive three to five items each month, picked specifically by your personal stylist. When you subscribe you fill out a style profile quiz that helps your stylist pick your items. When your box arrives, you DO NOT pay any additional money (unlike Stitch Fix & some other subscription boxes). You also do not have the option to send back items you did not like. If you want to send an item back, you must send back the whole box.

The fitness subscription works a little differently. You pay $20 for a “styling fee” & you receive 5 fitness items ranging between sports bras, tops, bottoms, jackets, etc… You have 5 days to try everything on & decide what you want to keep or send back. You pay for the items you want to keep & send back what you don’t (for free). (This is just like my Stitch Fix subscription)


One of my favorite things about the accessories subscription is the velvet bags that the jewelry comes in! These are such great quality and perfect for traveling.


Anyways, lets get to my reviews of Wantables accessories subscription box for April! I received four items total.

The first item I received were the Angelica Earrings

Retail price: $21.00

Wantable’s price: $11.83


This was my 2nd favorite item in the box! I LOVE the style. These could be worn during the day or dressed up for an event/date night. I love the white stone in the middle & gold outer setting. So far, so good.

The second item was the Blair Bracelet in Gold

Retail price: $18.00

Wantable’s price: $10.14


IMG_1341 IMG_1334

This bracelet is going to be perfect for layering with others. The quality of the metal seems so great. Unfortunately this bracelet is not size adjustable. But it fit me just fine. I will definitely be pairing this with my favorite watch and bangles.

Can you tell that lavender is my favorite color? 😛 lol.

I can’t get enough!

IMG_1351Item #3: Becca Earring in rose gold

Retail price: $11.00

Wantable’s price: $6.20

I wasn’t too excited to get these earrings. They are cute and all, I really do like the horseshoe symbol. But I was hoping to get more “WOW” pieces from this subscription. I could easily buy these from Claire’s or some small jewelry store. But I am definitely going to get some wear out of these.

The last item! Jessa Necklace

Retail price: $21.00

Wantable’s price: $11.83

IMG_1384 IMG_1373 IMG_1430

This is by far my favorite piece. The stone in the middle of this gold basket style pendant is so gorgeous. It catches so many beautiful colors in the light. The photos really don’t do this necklace justice!

Heres the breakdown of the cost & value of this box.


I paid $40 and the value of the box was $71.00! What a deal! I am definitely sticking with this subscription. I LOVE Wantable! What do you think? Are you interested? If so, check it out here:



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